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Club Contact Info

Mailing Address:

PO Box 6434
Manchester, NH 03108

'...Text me, send an email, link me up, give me a call...'

from 'Everybody's On The Phone'


Board of Directors    
President Dave Howe President@NHPHC.com
Vice President Will Yates VicePresident@NHPHC.com
Treasurer Mike Emond Treasurer@NHPHC.com
Social Director Beej Hughes SocialDirector@NHPHC.com
Director of Raffles & Merchandise Laura Browning RaffleMistress@NHPHC.com
Safety Officer Lewie Edwards SafetyOfficer@NHPHC.com
Secretary Heather Andrews Secretary@NHPHC.com
Membership Director Joan Lydon Membership@NHPHC.com
Member At Large Nikki Olkovikas  
Webmaster Todd Trusty webmaster@nhphc.com



Our club meets on the third Wednesday of each month, 6:30PM at the Auburn Tavern, 346 Hooksett Rd., Auburn NH 03032.